femme fougueuse - under the scene triptych by Tom Spiantimizuko - body and cat triptych by Tom Spiantifanfan - red mirror triptych by Tom Spiantiania - last day triptych by Tom SpiantiSara - hidden behind the blinds triptych by Tom SpiantiMizuko - silent field triptych by Tom Spianticalista aleyna - good old time triptych by Tom Spiantirubie - juicy jello triptych by Tom Spiantiruth - philosophie de la chair #02 by Tom Spiantiarmelle & camille - big balloon game triptych by Tom Spianti


the wolf went by Tom Spiantiscarlet fever - eat me by Tom Spiantiyiting - chair végétale by Tom Spiantimacha by Tom SpiantiEmilie - Terre-Mère by Tom Spiantithe wolf is waiting by Tom Spiantikatrina - philosophie de la chair #03 by Tom Spiantirachel on a bed by Tom SpiantiFanfan - red room by Tom SpiantiMiss Vivian - don't blame me by Tom Spianti


in between by Tom SpiantiBird by Tom SpiantiTaedium Vitae by Tom SpiantiAngelica & Baya - duet at night triptych by Tom SpiantiVictoire - Versus triptych by Tom SpiantiKarine - Back at home triptych by Tom SpiantiAnna - Birds on the wall triptych by Tom SpiantiMelleH - Leisurely walk triptych by Tom SpiantiClaudia - Corn Field Strip Triptych by Tom SpiantiMoments // Part One - Yiting by Tom Spianti